HR & Placement Services

GAADS HR Services

At GAADS, we recognize how difficult it may be to find employment in the pharmaceutical, biotech, or healthcare industries, including clinical research, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, and business development. To assist our students in achieving their professional objectives, we take advantage of our talent placement experience in these sectors. Our extensive learning programs are application-based and career-oriented since they are developed by subject matter experts and verified by the industry. Your career possibilities are further enhanced by our HR services, and you obtain a competitive edge in the job market with your GAADS certification. Count on us to help you secure the position of your dreams.

Appointment of Skilled Students

Our team of recruitment specialists finds and places top people from the biotech, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries by using their vast network and in-depth industry knowledge. You may get employment placement through GAADS that you might not be able to find otherwise. We are aware that locating the ideal position involves more than merely fitting a job description with your qualifications and expertise. Because of this, we approach talent placement holistically, working closely with you to understand your long-term objectives and career ambitions before assisting you in finding a position that fits.Our learning and development initiatives are made to assist you in reskilling and upskilling so that you're prepared to take on new professional challenges. Employers are looking for people with a variety of talents, and our programs will help you improve them. From soft skills like communication to technical skills like clinical research operations, pharmacovigilance, medical writing, and business development.

Corporate Hiring Agency

At GAADS, we recognize that the success of your company depends on attracting and retaining the appropriate talent. For this reason, we are here to act as your dependable recruitment partner, putting you in touch with industry leaders who will propel your company forward. We take the time to learn about your company's requirements, beliefs, and culture to make sure we locate people who will not only have the required talents but also blend in well with your team.

Our Offered Services

  • Temporary Staffing: We offer temporary staffing solutions to satisfy your immediate needs and maintain productivity, whether they are related to short-term projects or seasonal demands.
  • Contract Staffing: Contract staffing is the practice of employing workers for a predetermined amount of time to do particular tasks or projects. Contractors may operate autonomously or under the direction of the hiring organization; they are usually employed for their specific knowledge or abilities. Organizations can obtain specialized talent for temporary need with the flexibility of contract staffing, free from the commitments of long-term employment.
  • Project-Based Staffing: This type of staffing is putting together groups of workers or contractors just for the length of a given project. Teams may consist of personnel from different departments or outside contractors who possess the required skills. Using this model, organizations may ensure that teams have the necessary skills and capabilities while allocating resources to projects in an efficient manner.
  • Outsourced Staffing: In order to manage particular departments or functions on behalf of the company, contracts are made with outside service providers. With this paradigm, non-core functions can be handled by external specialists, freeing up organizational resources to concentrate on key capabilities.