Who We Are

We believe in the transformational power of education and want everyone to benefit from it. We also believe that different people have different approaches to learning. We, at GAADS, focus on providing the right tools to people so that they can learn the way they like. Our courses are created after an in-depth analysis of the subject at hand and the best approach that could explain it, no matter what level the learner is on. So we have courses that cut beyond age and educational background. They are simple to understand and are aptly backed up by the team of instructors who are always ready to explain till the learners have a grasp on them.


To contribute to the development of scientific and technical education and research in India. We want to serve as a valuable resource for the industries and society when it comes to education for all.


To provide comprehensive courses marked and defined by value-education, industry orientation, and global outlook.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of education and training programs across varied industries. These courses are aimed at making education affordable, flexible, and industry-oriented.

To make them affordable some courses are offered free and even the paid ones come with flexible payment options.

They are flexible as you can undertake the courses either online or offline. When you sign up you get lifetime access to the content so you can learn at your ease.

Being industry-oriented, these courses don’t just enhance your knowledge but also help you prepare for your professional life.

Helping Organizations Find Assets

GAADS is not just for students and working professionals to learn and upskill themselves, but also for organizations to hunt for bright minds that can become a crucial asset. The courses can be tailor-made to suit the objectives and goals of the organization and work as its preferred Learning Portal.

GAADS also connects the organization to a talented pool of resources who undertake the courses and are job-ready. This saves on the time and money they usually spend in training college freshers to understand the nuances of professional life and apply their learning