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[updated 29 Apr 2024]

Here at Gaad's Education, we aim to provide Practical Learning and an Approach that allows students to apply theoretical knowledge to overcome challenges in their future career which includes Soft skill training, Live Interactions, Multiple Mock Call sessions and Resume building.

We have short-term Job oriented certification Courses. First, we have a Clinical research course that plays a crucial role in development and trial of new drugs for different illnesses and in the determination of safety and effectiveness of medicines, devices and diagnostics before it is released in the market.Other one is a Medical writing course which includes writing protocols, newsletters, Investigation brochures, regulatory documents, patient information leaflets and scientific articles.Then we have a Pharmacovigilance course, it is a sub-field of pharmacy that deals with detection, assessment and analysis the drugs . Primary focus of pharmacovigilance is to detect, evaluate, understand, and prevent adverse drug reactions.And the last one is Business Development course; it is designed to help professionals to develop the skills and knowledge needed for a successful business. Each course duration is about 3 to 6 months and the classes are held every weekend. All the study material is provided like a book free of cost. There are live and doubt clearing sessions with industry experts.   We are   M.S.M.E registered   and our certificate is valid across India and outside India.

We also provide 100% Job assistance and guidance and our primary focus is on delivering top notch education. It is important to note that our courses do not come with a specific placement guarantee. However, we believe that the knowledge and skills you gain from our courses will significantly boost your employability in the pharma industry. As the medical industry is rapidly growing, there are numerous job opportunities with job security which means those who choose a career in this field will have well-paying and stable jobs for years to come.

Secondly it is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people because without clinical trials there would not be any treatments and therapies for all diseases. And moreover, this career allows you to help in developing treatments and medicines. It's a very diverse and challenging career and there is always a scope for new talent in this field. Many MNC"s are also investing in clinical research business these days and also starting new studies with specialists.You get to work with so many medical professionals, write reports, also get to travel to different places for research. There are various jobs in this field like Clinical Research Coordinator, Associate, Data Specialist, Clinical Investigator, Clinical data manager, Drug safety associate, Pharmacovigilance scientist, Clinical SAS programmer, Business development executive, Business Development manager.

Clinical Research Coordinator: Clinical Research Coordinator is responsible for the facilitation and coordination of daily clinical trial activities and plays a critical role in the conduct of the study. Also ensures site compliance with research protocols by reviewing all regulatory requirements to confirm the implementation of appropriate methods, practices, and procedures for all research activities.

Clinical Research Associate: The Clinical Research Associate (CRA) monitors activities at clinical study sites to ensure adherence to Good Clinical Practices (GCPs), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and study protocols. Also performs necessary functions as approved by the company, for the conduct of clinical research.

Data specialist: A clinical data specialist manages all health-related data services provided at a hospital. They are responsible for maintaining databases that contain patient health records, and medical records, as well as managing data related to research and clinical trials. They also create reports analyze data, and work closely with medical professionals to ensure accurate and reliable information is readily available.

Clinical investigators: A clinical investigator is a medical professional who conducts research on new medications, medical devices, or treatment protocols to determine their safety and efficacy. They are typically involved in clinical trials and play a critical role in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.

Clinical data Manager: is responsible for preparing data analysis listings and activity, performance, or progress reports. Also Design and validate clinical databases including designing or testing logic checks.

Drug Safety Associate: Drug safety associate is responsible for processing and writing of adverse event programs and following up on important case reports. Also, Conduct regular pharmacovigilance developments and supervise these processes.

Pharmacovigilance Scientist: The Pharmacovigilance Scientist is responsible for ensuring timely case management activities related to the collection, processing, and reporting/submission of safety information in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements and internal procedures. Also Facilitates signal management process for products and evaluates safety data and signals as part of ongoing pharmacovigilance activities.

Clinical SAS Programmer: They work in the healthcare industry, where they use their programming skills to create and maintain software used by doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. They work closely with clinical informatics, who are responsible for creating and maintaining clinical information systems.

Business development executive: Business development executive helps in identifying business opportunities by generating leads and building relationships with clients for company growth, also understands the needs of clients and provides the right solution.

Business Development Manager: The main role of BDM is to research, contact and follow up with potential clients. They help in creating action plans to meet the organization's growth goals.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of pursuing these courses which are wide range of working environment, better growth, rewarding career, improvement of skills and knowledge, competitive and good salary.Pharmaceuticals are a multi-billion-dollar industry and there are many different types of pharmaceuticals that are used for treating various diseases. And they are always in need for talented people to help them innovate, produce and distribute drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world. And to become successful in this industry it is important to have certain qualifications and certifications.

We have limited seats for these courses and here is the chance to kick-start your career.

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